Strategic Planning Workshops and Consulting

Strategic Planning Workshops and Consulting

Strategic planningStrategic planning is the first step in the development of any endeavor. Mary Pieschek has seen it time and time again: too many organizations have big ideas for fundraising or expansion, but there’s no game plan. What about past successes? What about weaknesses? What’s out there in the future? From which sector is damage possible?

Groups and organizations without a strategic plan usually find it difficult to raise money, attract supporters and volunteers, keep meaningful records, and build relationships with the news media
—which tends to ask a lot of questions that can make disorganized groups look pretty bad.

Mary knows this and, as an outside consultant, can ask the hard questions of management and staff to help them work together to develop an effective plan. Often, when internal people are asked to manage strategic planning, they find it difficult to ask tough questions or they have too many preconceived ideas during these meetings.

Mary will help bring clarity and honesty to the process.

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