Public Relations & Fundraising Overview

Presenting a public relations seminar

Presenting a public relations seminar

Pieschek Public Relations and Fundraising, owned and managed by Mary Pieschek, is dedicated to building the image of each client and works closely with clients to achieve their fundraising goals.

Mary Pieschek also helps her clients develop and execute strategically planned public relations and fundraising projects, campaigns, and activities.

Mary’s expert communications seminars provide training that brings teams together and helps get team members on the same page so they can work constructively.

Whether clients are individuals, small or large businesses, community groups, political candidates, or action committees, Mary has the expertise, experience and energy to provide expert consulting.
Not only is she committed to excellence, Mary prides herself on her commitment to helping clients develop ethical approaches to messaging, team and campaign management, records retention, and relationships with outside parties and regulators.

Pieschek PR and Fundraising consulting and action services includes four primary areas:

  • Public relations consulting
  • Fundraising campaign planning, consulting and communications
  • Strategic planning workshops and consulting
  • Educational communications seminars for both U.S. and international clients